Intermediate Photography Courses


Once you go Manual, you never go back.

I love taking Michelle’s classes. Her teaching style is very relatable. She’s great at taking technical information and delivering it in a way that makes it easy to understand and put into practice. Before I knew it I was creating images that were better than I ever imagined.
— Linda Figueira

After completing The Beginner Course students are ready for Manual Photography.  The first project is to recreate a fashion ad, considering composition, settings, and light.


We also cover shooting in monochrome & posing people.  

I love the sense of joy and amusement Michelle brings to her class and her shoots. Her delight as she processes her visual world is infectious.
— Judith Taylor

Our final class consists of photographing a group, or family.  Each student works with a group they have never met before.  They direct and photograph their group for one hour.  Students are always on such a high after this assignment and we often wrap the class on the patio at The Balmy Beach Club!