Beginner Photography Courses


Each Spring & Fall I run a 7 week Beginner Photography Class.  True Beginners go from zero to gallery show in just 7 short weeks.  In this course we touch on Aperture & Shutter Priority, Composition & Available Light, all leading up to a ten page portfolio and fine art piece!  Contact me at for dates & rates.

Michelle is an enthusiastic and generous teacher. Her classes and assignments are thoughtful and creative. She knows how to pare down what you need to learn and critiques you in a way that leaves you feeling inspired to do better.”
— Mimi Liliefeldt - Student
Michelle is a consummate professional and passes that knowledge on to her students. Her teaching style is patient and fun. She goes at the pace of the class and no question is too basic. Michelle uses examples to teach and fun assignments that get you to stretch your bounds. We went from learning “what does this button do?” to showing our works at our first gallery show! I have no hesitation recommending this class to anyone interested in bettering their camera skills.
— Chris Nolan - Student
and Michelle, what can I say? You’re an incredible teacher - what I’ve learned in one beginner class has given me enough knowledge to pull out my camera at any point and shoot with confidence. Your constructive remarks and positive energy rubbed off on everyone… and your dramatic aperture hands and photo rules will be forever engraved in my mind… I will never knowingly chop off anyone’s feet!
— Fred - Student